Top VPS hosting Plans

At HostingSkull, you pay a low, predictable price for your server that bundles resources like memory, vCPU, and solid-state drive (SSD) storage into one plan, so budgeting is easy and straightforward

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WordPress Hosting

Create server with Pre-installed WordPress Launch your WordPress website in a jiffy

Fast & Secure

Buy blazing fast WordPress hosting server. Pre-installed, instant launch & pricing as per your need.
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Magento Hosting

Launch your Blazing Fast Magento Hosting server with Pre-installed Magento

Optimized Ecommerce

Buy Magento Hosting server Optimized Ecommerce Hosting for Speed, Security and Scale.
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Joomla Hosting

Launch your Blazing Fast Joomla Hosting server with Pre-installed Joomla

Most Versatile CMS

Buy Joomla hosting server - free and open-source CMS that powers tons of free plugins and themes.
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Benefits of VPS Hosting

Deploying VPS Hosting plan offers the following benefits to your business

Improved performance

With VPS’s dedicated server resources and easy upgrades, you can support your website’s growing traffic, eliminating performance lags and ensuring lightning fast speed.


Full root access

This feature lets you customize your VPS Server per your specific business requirements by installing desired software and applications with full root server access.


Enhanced security

VPS Server Hosting lets you install firewalls and custom security software through root access, allowing you to enhance your website’s security.


Instant Setup

Get up and running operational VPS Servers within minutes of buying them. Powered by OpenStack, our provisioning process is automated and flawless. Expect instant provisioning with our server hosting plans.


Higher reliability

Our VPS Servers ensure complete server isolation, offering uninterrupted services with maximum uptime and reliability. VPS Hosting offers quality and accessible support services to assist you at every step of your hosting journey.


Greater storage and bandwidth

With our VPS servers powered by AWS Lightsail you can get higher levels of bandwidth and advanced 300% Faster SSD storage for increased VPS Server’s efficiency and boosted performance.

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