How to configure DNS for AWS VPS servers

If you're looking to create a DNS server very simply and do not want to overwrite your primary domain's Nameservers, with the ones hosted by CyberPanel, here's how you can do it.

This process basically takes less than 5 minutes and will allow you to point secondary domains to the "nameservers" that will be held in CyberPanel, without changing the actual nameservers of your primary domain.

Why should I do this?

Let's say, is your primary domain. Maybe you have CyberPanel set up on "" and a bunch of other services, such as Emails, other websites and subdomains for hosted somewhere else, or even in CyberPanel.

It's a risk to update the nameservers of and point them to CyberPanel, as if something were to go wrong with your CyberPanel installation, all records associated with, your emails, websites and even the panel itself, would stop working.

So, in this case, I recommend creating a "Super Simple Nameserver", where the primary domain ( is still set to the Registrars (or your current) nameservers. Let's use GoDaddy for an example.

How do I do this? is hosted on GoDaddy's nameservers. Typically that's "" and "" for example.

This means all of your records for are accessible by changing the DNS settings on GoDaddy. Because GoDaddy are a major domain name provider, we can probably trust that they have multiple backups, meaning any chance of a complete DNS outage, is very unlikely.

This is perfect, because we're going to add some records for, which will be used for your secondary domain's Nameservers.

For the sake of this guide, our secondary domain will be

We will set up the nameservers to be "" and "". Meaning, that all traffic going to will need to perform a nameserver lookup at one of the two nameservers that we are creating.

We'll use 123.456.789.101 as the fictional IP address for the server that CyberPanel is installed on.

Create the required A Records

  • Login to's Domain Provider account (
  • Add 2 new "A" Records to your domain:

A record

  • Point those domains to the IP address of CyberPanel

  • Save the changes.

Your DNS Records should look something like this:

DNS records


For more details please refer to this article

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