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How to install WordPress on your Control panel (Cyberpanel) Print

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The main dashboard of CyberPanel is straightforward. You can easily access the pre-installed features from the panel due to its prominence. There is a menu bar on the left side of your screen. To make a website, click on Websites > Create Website to open the following window. Provide the following information:

  1. Set Select Package to Default.
  2. Set Select Owner to admin. If there are other users who should also be allowed to manage your site, you can add them later.
  3. Set Domain Name to the domain where you want to install WordPress.
  4. Set Email to the email address of your website. You can make one for official use with one-click from the CyberPanel email system.
  5. Set Select PHP to the latest version. CyberPanel gives you an option from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.3.
  6. You can also avail yourself of additional website features with one-click. SSL (Secure Socket Layer), DKIM Support and Open_basedir Protection are your choice.
  7. Click Create Website.

The website faizan.cyberpanel.net is now successfully created. The next step, is to install WordPress on CyberPanel. Go to Websites > List Websites where you will see your site listed. On the right side of your screen, you will see aManage option. Click it to make changes to your website.

It will take you to the following screen. Now, scroll down to pre-installed applications where you will find WordPress + LSCache.

Click WP + LSCache to install WordPress and LSCache. The LSCache plugin speeds up the load time of your WordPress site. The reason it is different from other cache plugins is its installation is at the server level. You can study its details by clicking this link. Enter the following information:

  1. Set Blog Title to the title of your WordPress site.
  2. Set Login User to the username who operates the site.
  3. Set Login Password to a strong password to enter your blog.
  4. Set Email to an email address for the authentication of your blog.
  5. Press the Install Now button.

WordPress is now successfully installed. Next, navigate to http://domain-name/wp-login.php/ and enter your username and password to log into the main dashboard of your WordPress website:


Now you must understand the difference between CyberPanel and other web hosting control panels. It is the simple control panel that provides the same features as cPanel at no cost. The most important thing is its accessibility to all functions that provide the best user experience. Most of the customers who use CyberPanel are non-technical, and they are happy to use it without any complaints. Further, in case of any problems, the Hostingskull support department is here to help around the clock.

If you followed our guide, it is easy for you to purchase a VPS, login to CyberPanel (Control Panel), and set up a self-hosted WordPress on your server. Most of the non-technical users are not aware of CyberPanel as the best possible solution for hosting your WordPress site. If you followed our guide till now, then you must have learned how easy it is to set up your self-hosted WordPress site in 10 minutes.


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